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Heloderma horridum  Captive Bred Around 27 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Normally Occurring Out Of Central America Ranging From Guatemala To Mexico With Proper Care, These Can Live 25+ Years In Captivity Living In Mainly Tropical Areas In Central America Spending Small Amounts Of Time Above Ground Flawless Lizard With Lava Orange And Yellow Scales In Mixed Patterns From Head To Tail Incredible Foradgers Feeding On Rodents Regularly

Yellow Tree Monitor

  • Varanus Reisingeri
  • Farm Bred Pair
  • Approximately 30 Inches In Length
  • Rarest Species Of The Tree Monitors, Get Your Beautiful Pair Today
  • Outstanding Vibrant Yellow Coloration And Bold Black Patterns
  • Absolutely Stunning Animals That Are Thriving And Doing Great
  • Feeding on Vitamin Dusted Crickets, Roaches, Monitor Diet, and Pinky Mice