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Welcome to Tortoisesworld.com, we have been in the business of breeding, raising and caring for rare and unique turtles, tortoises, chameleons, snakes ETC, for over 40 years. We have worked with more than one-hundred turtle and tortoise species maintaining one of the leading selections for sale you will find anywhere.

Tortoisesworld.com is main supplier to many Schools, Homes, Zoos, Museums, Aquariums and educational facilities. For the hobbyist wanting live turtles and tortoises and all the supplies needed, we offer species to suit both the beginner and the most experienced hobbyist alike.

No matter your needs, be they: Turtles and Turtle Products, Tortoises and Tortoise Products, Pond Turtles & Pond Products; here at Tortoisesworld.com we boast of a vast amount of knowledge and experience; at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, we guarantee that the advice and husbandry you will get at Tortoisesworld.com is the ABSOLUTE BEST you’ll find anywhere on the Internet.


Tortoisesworld.com plays an active role in our local community California; donating to local hospitals and schools. We are also members of national organizations devoted to the well-being of turtles and tortoises throughout the United States.

We believe in the health and well-being of each and every turtle and tortoise on the planet. Our involvement in rescue and relocation initiatives has saved well over three-hundred endangered Gopher Tortoises. We enthusiastically supply information as well as donate supplies to a number of institutions – Wildlife Care Alliance, Brook Woods Deer Run, Double WW Turtle Refuge and Econcerns, LTD.

We in addition provide resources to a number of accredited educational institutions all over the country to help in their research. Tortoisesworld.com is always working with UPS to fine tune the shipping process and develop safer standards for shipping turtles and tortoises all over the world.


At Tortoisesworld.com, we take pride in the level of service we provide to our customers as well as the level of care we provide to our turtles and tortoises. Our staff is comprised of herpetological experts that strive to provide the best care possible to all of our turtles and tortoises. Our experts also strive to provide turtle keepers with the knowledge and supplies they will need to offer the same level of care to the turtles and tortoises they keep.

To ensure that our tortoises and turtles live in the very best health possible we;

Keep them in the best and cleanest accommodation possible with the highest standards
Feed them the best possible natural diet
Hibernate them in strict temperature measured settings
Never keep diverse species in one place
Only keep a small number of turtles and tortoises in each pen
With Tortoisesworld.com, you get:

Quality Animals

Lowest UPS shipping rates anywhere in the reptile business
Industry first “10 days health guarantee on all animal orders”
A name you can trust
Combined 40+ years’ experience working with turtles and tortoises